Do I have to speak Spanish to be able to participate?

You don't have to speak Spanish in order to participate, we do encourage our participants to at least know the basics but it's definitely not mandatory. Your interview will be done in the language you feel most comfortable with.

What outfits do I compete in?

Heritage Outfit - That represents the country where you're from, Swimsuit for Misses, Active-wear for Teens, Evening gown for all, Interview outfit for all.

How do I become an official Miss Houston Latina 2021 candidate?

Our pageant is open to all Latinas who meet the eligibility requirements which are: never been married, no kids and ages from 14 years old to 27 years old.  You do not need to have previous experience to participate. We encourage you to apply and take the first step to make your dream come true!

How do I sign up?

Click on the “Apply” tab on this website to submit your information.  You will then receive a welcome email with all the information about the program and our next Open Call in which you will get all the info about the pageant and secure your spot as an official candidate. A limited number of girls will be accepted into the program so save your spot ASAP.

When is the last day to sign up for the 2020 Program?

Registrations for this season are now closed. Registrations for 2021 season open in April. 

What does the entry fee include?

A life changing experience that includes an 6 week training with the best of the best coaches in Houston

When is the training held? 

Your training will consist of 6 consecutive weekends. Stay tuned on our Social Media official pages for more info.

When is the actual pageant?

The Miss Houston Latina 2020 Pageant is on Monday September 7th 2020 at Haras Hacienda.

How is the competition judged?

Each contestant will be judged in 4 areas of competition; Interview, Poise, Fitness and over all conduct. Judging criteria includes character, poise, confidence and personality. Each category is 1/4 of the overall score.

Is there a talent portion of the competition?

No, there is no performing talent required and it is not a part of the scoring.

What are the judges looking for in the next queen?

Our pageant motto is: More than a model, a Role Model. We want to find a young woman who represents Houston and Latino women the best way possible. We want a young lady who is well spoken and not only beautiful on the outside but kind and humble.

Do I have to have experience in order to enter?

Not at all, in fact most of our contestants have never done a pageant before. Our job is to make sure that you are prepared and ready before you step on the big stage.

How do I find sponsors to help me pay for this pageant?

We suggest to start with a list of potential sponsors such as friends and family members and their employers.  How to find sponsors will be discussed at contestant orientation and strategies will be included in your contestant handbook, upon registration.

If I win, will it interfere with my schooling?

We make school, family and work the number one priority. Almost all of your appearances, events, and charity work will take place during the weekend and will be scheduled in advance.

What's your refund policy?

We have a NO refund policy. No exceptions.

How do my family and friends get tickets to the pageant?

Refer back to the TICKETS tab in this website 

What should my family and friends wear to the pageant?

The Miss Houston Latina is a very glamorous event, this year the event will be outdoors so dress accordingly.