Natalia Castillo

Director and Producer of

Miss Houston Latina Organization

Born and raised in the beautiful South American country of Colombia, Natalia prides herself in her Latin Heritage and cultural traditions. After moving to the United States at the tender age of 18, Natalia received her B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Houston in 2012. She currently works at an entertainment / Video game company, in which she is the Executive events Marketing coordinator.

Her friends and colleagues call her a Colombian firecracker with her bubbly personality and also setting sparks in the Fitness and Pageant world as a 3X Ms. Bikini Universe Pro Champion, Model Champion America, Miss Houston Latina 2014, Miss Texas Latina 2015, current director of Miss Houston Latina Organization and Founder of Fireyoup movement. 

She’s a social connector and female motivator like no other! This powerhouse brings along with her, a wealth of knowledge about Nutrition and Fitness. She definitely knows how to bring the heat on any stage. She is excited and passionate to continue to use her forces to further empower America’s women.

Susana Tapias

Miss Houston Latina


Im Susana Tapias Restrepo, I was born in Medellin Colombia, I was educated in a religious public school, I am the youngest of two brothers. I have participated in several activities that have helped me grow like swimming classes, girl scouts, music school, choir, and cheerleading. I arrived in the United States in 2015, I graduated from school in 2018 and at the moment I am doing my basic classes at Houston Community College to be able to complete my studies and graduate as a physical therapist and personal trainer

One quote that I love:
“Whoever does not live to serve, does not serve to live”

I have the talent of knowing how to train other people to improve their lifestyle, also the love for nutrition has helped me develop the talent of knowing how to cook healthy food and give advice to other people on how to nourish their body correctly and make them understand that eating healthy doesn’t mean boring and blend, I also have the talent of designing clothes and artistic drawing, photography and makeup also come to the list of my talents.

Violeta Cuevas

Miss Teen Houston Latina

I am a Folklorico Dancer, as well as drill team dancer. I’m very passionate about public speaking. I’m an official member of the Thespian Society at my High School . As well as a member in the National Hispanic Institute of Houston.

My background:
Both sides of my family are from Mexico, and I was born here in Houston. My mom has always been a very confident and upbeat woman, and my Dad is a very kind person. So they both have encouraged me to be an independent and a confident young woman. Which has helped me to grow as a dancer, actress, singer, as well as in being able to be in front of thousands of people and be confident in what I’m sharing with them.

One quote that I love is “ If you don’t like something, change it. And if you can’t change it, then change how you look at it.”